Sharing economy ,Sustainability & Eco currency – A Doable idea by Ola/Uber/Big basket/Amazon

Whenever a young person sees a FB post like the below one, he/she feels good that something is happening for sustainability. Someone is making the world a better place to live in.


We all like sustainability, we feel happy when something is being done about that. We wanted to do something about it but often either do not know what to do or think what can I do.

Yes I want to plant a tree 🙂 – But I don’t have place to do so: O

Yes I want to use solar power 🙂 – But is it costly? Is it reliable? Is someone from mainstream using it – if Not Y?  :O

So finally we feel that these are good to speak but difficult to do; People whose stomach is full ( such as Bill Gates and Ambani ) only can do these things .

Then we slowly get into our daily lives which is full of chota chota things like “ oops I need to get ready for my office “,” Oops  , I need to complete PPT for meeting with my manager ” how to give a compelling reason for leave to manager again? “ etc  😛

Again we see a post like the below one –


we feel good and wanna contribute for the cause – some might subscribe to portals like  immediately as an act of instinct ( it is a organisation founded by the gentlemen Mr.Manoj Bhargava in the FB post above ). Then we feel good to get connected to such an organisation making a difference. (I subscribed to that organization as an act of instinct: P)

But can we truly do something at an individual level with our current resources, state of mind & life style to make an impact which might be even just 0.00000000000000000001 %.  

So can we contribute to sustainability through our regular acts, which we anyway do as a part of our daily life like travelling, buying groceries etc ?

The answer is Yes 🙂

Sharing economy.

I did some preliminary research from internet and found out that every km of car travel releases 260 to 290 grams of CO2. Every km of bike travel releases 35 grams of CO2. We may travel atleast 10 kms per day which means around 0.4 kgs to 2.5 kgs of Co2 per person based on one’s mode of transport.

As a small step, If you opt for ride sharing services like Uber pool, Ola share etc, it directly gets reduced by atleast 50% (assuming  atleast one person shares the car with you).

Again you may travel atleast 2 to 3 kms to buy groceries / veggies in a super market store like More / big bazaar etc .Instead if you opt for online grocery store like Amazon, Big Basket etc, they do multiple deliveries using one single vehicle. On an average , they do 20 deliveries per hour – that means the Co2 liability is shared by 20 people .Straight away , you are reducing your CO2 release by 95% .

So here you are not just thinking about sustainability, but doing something through some of your daily activities.

Isn’t it doable? 🙂

Definitely Yes.

Perks include lighter hole to your pocket along with being a contributor for sustainability.

You might have saved only a small amount of CO2 emission by your act. Its just not about the amount of saving of your personal CO2 emission , its about translating your mere desire into action , its about acting on something which you believe is going to make the world a better place to live in. Its about experiencing that feeling of goodness by contributing to the cause you believe in.

May be companies like Ola, Uber, Amazon & Big basket should introduce Eco Currency /green points on bookings they got 🙂 . This currency reflects the direct savings in Co2 emissions you have done by opting their services. May be they can give discounts based on this eco currency earned too 😛 (or) they can contribute the same for a green cause in your name :P.  Every time a customer buys something , organizations are making him/her feel good about himself/herself.

Isn’t it a win win for everybody including our environment?

I think it will be cool. What do you say people? 🙂

It makes people CO2 conscious and turns every young person into a real doer, a small sized soldier fighting for environment 🙂 

So what’s the call for action ? 😛

  Share the post in your Facebook page till the organizations ( Ola/Uber/Big Basket/Amazon) hear. Who Knows – they may implement it 😛  Any commercially sensible organization would love to make their customers feel good when ever they buy their products/services. 

Wanna get informed about upcoming such interesting perspectives and posts, you may like my facebook page 🙂


Sunil Kumar

( An amateur writer, a former Amazon employee , special invitee to participate in world’s first  South Pole last degree expedition surviving only on wind , solar and bio mass energy –NASA is a technology partner 🙂)


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